2B [to be] ACTIVE transforms any moment into an experience with no limits!

2B [to be] ACTIVE, the refreshing functional fruit drink made of ripe fruit for new vigor and vitality. The combination of natural active substances - a carefully selected blend of grape, passion fruit, guava and mango as well as maca, ginseng and royal jelly and with the powerful amino acid 
L-arginine gives 2B [to be] ACTIVE an especially invigorating taste, completely without added sugar. 


2B [to be] ACTIVE - 100% power all the time, wherever you are, is number one on the wish list for an active everyday life.


However, the body and mind don’t always play along; poor nutrition and an unbalanced lifestyle can take their toll.


A healthy and sustainable energy boost is required to maintain the body’s optimal balance and this can be obtained with 2B [to be] ACTIVE, a natural combination of active ingredients with a well-being effect. High quality ingredients tried and tested over thousands of years are paired with scientific expertise to create a functional drink which can play a daily part in helping you establish a well-balanced lifestyle: a drink of pure nature and a head start too on any tiredness – 2B [to be] ACTIVE transforms any moment into an experience with no limits!


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