2B [to be] functional fruit drinks - The outstanding fruit drink innovation from Austria

Multi-fruit functional drinks move into new markets.

Recently, the multi-fruit functional drink 2B [to be] RELAXED was awarded the title "Top Innovation of the Year" at the ANUGA  in   Cologne.

With this award, the international panel paid tribute to the quality and innovation of the relaxing drink 2B [to be] RELAXED produced by the Austrian company Lifestyle Trading. Both drinks – 2B [to be] ACTIVE and 2B [to be] RELAXED have a high content of fruit, natural vital substances and no added sugar.  

2B [to be] RELAXED - the fruity chill-out zone

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Online Shop 2B [to be] RELAXED















2B [to be] ACTIVE - more energy and vitality

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Online Shop 2B [to be] ACTIVE

















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