2B to be functional fruit drinks - high-quality fruit-based drinks with no added sugar

MADE IN STYRIA - 2B to be functional fruit drinks taste refreshingly fruity without added sugar *. High-quality fruits, natural nutrients and valuable ingredients such as L-tryptophan, L-arginine and real hemp powder have an invigorating effect on work and sports, relax when stressed or regenerate for a new lifestyle.  1 dose of nature. 100% well-being.

* Fruits naturally contain sugar


2B to be ACTIVE: more power with L-arginine

2B to be ACTIVE: Naturally leads to better performance and brings new momentum with valuable vital substances and the power amino acid L-arginin. Fruity taste of natural ingredients!

A carefully selected combination of ripe fruits, spices and perfectly balanced extracts not only enhances performance, but also provides the ultimate taste experience.

2B to be RELAXED: feel inner harmony

2B to be RELAXED: Naturally supports the positive management of stress and creates inner harmony.

In addition to valuable vital substances, extracts and a fruit content of 57%, the aromatic L-tryptophan contributes to a positive mood and to a healthy and restful sleep. Inner harmony can be felt during pregnancy and lactation or during yoga.

2B to be HEMP: The world's first hemp drink with hemp powder.

2B to be HEMP: The world's first hemp drink with real hemp powder.

In addition to L-tryptophan, spirulina and a fruit content of 63%, the contained hemp powder is the vital substance for a healthy lifestyle and can positively support cell regeneration and cell renewal.

Feel the relaxing and regenerating power of real hemp.

2B HEMP GIN (inspired by AEIJST)

A true novelty made in Styria Produced from organic juniper berries - 2B to be HEMP GIN wins you over with its fruity, mild taste and its characteristic hemp note.


A worldwide unique innovation from Styria through enrichment with genuine hemp powder.


2B to be HEMP GIN captivates with its unsurpassed aroma and also provides a wow-effect when enjoyed in a cocktail.




4 cl 2B to be HEMP GIN

1 can of 2B to be HEMP (250 ml) Crushed Ice

Garnish with a slice of lime or cucumber.

Kick back and enjoy!

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