2B to be RELAXED - the fruity chill-out zone - enjoyment - calm - relaxation

The functional fruit drink combines balm, honey, banana, apricot, pomegranate and cranberry as well as the amino acid L-tryptophan. Without any added sugar, 2B to be RELAXED develops a pleasant, fruity and sweet taste.

We have a thousand things to do at once, we are driven by our “to do” lists, we have to meet deadline after deadline – nowadays our lives are dictated by stress and the pressure to perform. We never seem to be able to find true relaxation. At this point, 2B to be RELAXED presses the “stop” button in the "hectic fast-forward mode" of everyday life:

This innovative chill-out drink conjures up wellbeing from nature’s wonder-weapons, skillfully combined to form a naturally healthy taste experience with a truly regenerating effect. Fresh and fruity, 2B to be RELAXED opens up chill-out zones for the mind, where we can let go of everyday stress and strain. Calm and relaxed, we can at last enjoy every moment with all our senses!

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